WHO WE ARE - Management

Isabel Connor, President

Welcome to Life Flight International Inc. or “LFII” as we call it. We are in the business of providing safe and seamless air ambulance services for the ill and the injured including medical repatriation, commercial escorts, and medical evacuation. Our objective is to provide an internationally-recognized service that is both innovative and industry-leading. To achieve that objective, we have partnered with some of the finest medical care, aviation, and assistance specialists in the world. Like our partners, we believe there is room for change in the air ambulance industry and are committed to taking the lead on initiatives that improve safety, reduce financial costs, and further strategic global associations with other air ambulance providers. Accordingly, we are always seeking new ways in which we can achieve that goal and better assist our clients and their families. Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like additional information on our organization or our partners. In the meantime, we thank you for your interest in our organization and may all your journeys be safe.

Chris Connor, Vice President

We are delighted you are interested in medical evacuation with Life Flight International Inc.  At Life Flight International Inc., we take seriously our slogan, "Health Care As It Should Be." Great patient care allows for excellence in medical evacuation.  At Life Flight International Inc, care of the whole patient is the highest priority. That is why primary care has such a central place at Life Flight and we employ only top medical professionals that provide outstanding care at all times.  Optimizing the care of the patient is always the first priority and excellence in medical evacuation.  Our medical staff of more than 30 flight crew in all specialties allows for the highest level of care for patients during transport.  We have assembled a world-class team of medical professionals to ensure the highest quality medical repatriation experience.

Dr. Gregory Grant, Medical Director

Getting sick in another city, province, country or continent is one of life’s most stressful events. Getting home to family, friends, and support as quickly as possible is very important and the principle goal of most patients and their families. We help people achieve that goal, not only in a timely manner, but safely and with all of the necessary medical support. That support can range from a medical attendant on a commercial flight to a fully mobile intensive care unit with everything that a hospital can provide. We have nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapists, and a variety of physicians in different specialties that we can mobilize to provide whatever medical support the situation requires. Our primary concern is to make sure that the transfer is done safely. To that end, our medical team talk directly to the physicians and nurses to make sure everything is set up for the transfer. Sometimes our medical team is able to offer advice on care management even before our team gets there. Our goal is not just to transfer the patient but to continue a care plan and treatment during the flight and transfer. Many of our team members work in the major referral hospitals in British Columbia and bring the most up-to-date medical knowledge and skills with them. Our team takes care of all of the logistics including medications, ambulances at each end of the trip if needed, oxygen, and all of the medical equipment. We are also equipped for any in-flight emergencies with all of the necessary emergency equipment.

Trish Connor, Chief Operating Officer, COO

With 14 years experience at Life Flight International Inc., Trish has organized the majority of our Air Ambulance transfers worldwide, and has an extensive background in the commercial repatriation of patients internationally. Throughout our 27 plus year history, we have been engaged in the development of Air Ambulance infrastructure that provides the foundation for nearly every aspect of modern Air Ambulance transfers. Along the way, we have earned domestic and global recognition for our experience and proven track record in a variety of critical air ambulance transfers.  We look forward to helping you and your family in their time of need.


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